HD is the future of digital condition monitoring technologies. The ability to present disturbance-free condition data in high definition quality sets HD technologies apart from conventional vibration monitoring. Our HD technologies offer the most advanced visualization technology available in condition monitoring. Cleverly engineered and patented digital signal processing algorithms extract and enhance the signals of interest from dominant, overall machinery signals.

Spectrums and time signals are marvels of clarity, providing a snapshot of machine condition to give the maintenance department a heads-up on potential problems. The HD methods deliver a scalar value which represents the signal’s true peak value. This value is used to determine the severity of a given damage and to trigger alarms. With HD Order Tracking, the number of samples per revolution remains constant regardless of RPM variations, thus ensuring crystal clear spectrums with no smearing issues, where the source of the signal is easily identified.

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Monitoring using
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HD technology overcomes the limitations of conventional monitoring methods when it comes to detecting the earliest signs of gear and bearing damage and pinpointing the source with one-of-a-kind accuracy. With HD technology, distorted measurement data, blurry spectrums and uncertain conclusions on mechanical condition are a thing of the past. The stages commonly seen in the failure process of rolling element bearings can be clearly observed and closely monitored throughout each stage of development. In spectrums and time signals with an outstanding level of detail, gear and bearing damages are easily identified. A set of predefined filters are available for easy selection; each designed to detect damages or anomalies in the different failure stages. After a completed measurement, machine condition is evaluated against set alarm limits and presented in an intuitive green – yellow – red color scheme.


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