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APP for TAB / Mobile





Precision alignment with reliable results
Intuitive interface with enhanced, live view 3D graphics
Responsive design
Continuous sweep
Visual amplification of misalignment
Soft foot check
Feet lock
Thermal growth compensation
Tolerance checks
Demonstration mode
Free app download – no license required

With the user-friendly LineLazer app, the alignment process is effortless. The possibility to rotate the virtual machine for a live 3D view from any direction facilitates understanding, while the continuous sweep function, which enables measurement during rotation, saves considerable time and effort. The app can visually amplify misalignment conditions, making it easy to see any vertical or horizontal angularity and offset.

Once the system has determined the degree of misalignment, the app provides clear and straightforward on-screen guidance to the feet corrections necessary to achieve a perfectly aligned machine. Upon completion of the procedure, users can save details and results in a report for future retrieval. The reports can also be shared as PDF files via email.

The LineLazer sensors and app are a cost-efficient laser alignment system that does not require a portable data logger. The sensors provide precise and reliable readings, and the app can be used on any laptop, tablet, or smartphone (recommended minimum screen size is 5”) with Bluetooth; just download the app and connect to the sensors. The app features a Demo mode, allowing users to simulate alignment scenarios and try out app functionality also without the sensors. 



Measuring range:
Internal batteries:
Operating time:
Operating temperature:
Connector type:

up to 10m (32.8 ft)
built-in self-diagnosis & functions for calibration
Li-ion, rechargeable
> 12 hours normal use
−10 to +50 °C
mini-B USB for communication & battery charge
Bluetooth v4.0 Class II
PC plastic/anodized aluminium
LLS10: 86x81.5x40 mm   LLM10: 86x81.5x46 mm
approx. 230 g

The LineLazer Alignment Kit

contains alignment sensors, robust aluminum brackets, extendable chains, rods, battery charger, cables, bluetooth dongle, and tape measure.

A convenient carrying case is optional.


The kit fits a multitude of applications, for example: compressors, gearboxes, generators, and pumps.

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