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VibChecker is a compact instrument for fast and easy measurement of overall machine condition for predictive maintenance.

It uses VIBRATION Technology and the measured vibration values are immediately and automatically evaluated against ISO standards with a clear indication of vibration severity.

The instrument measures either with a built-in probe (model VC200) or with an external transducer (model VC250). It is push button controlled and basic measurement data are entered manually.

Evaluated measuring results are indicated by green-yellow-red symbols, and a time signal and its FFT spectrum are produced for easy pattern recognition.

Measurement results can also be transferred to a file for further processing in Microsoft Excel.

Machine vibration is the cause of many problems in industrial equipment. When integrated into your normal maintenance activities, periodic vibration measurement with VibChecker will go a long way to help keep your equipment operational.


The instrument provides early detection of problems such as imbalance, misalignment, looseness, and gear mesh. Suited to both new and experienced users, VibChecker covers the basic vibration monitoring needs in predictive maintenance. Designed for quick and accurate on-site vibration checks, VibChecker makes a proactive approach to maintenance economically feasible for everyone.

The VibChecker instrument can be used to effectively monitor vibration levels in most types of rotating machinery, such as electric motors, fans, and pumps, in a diversity of industrial environments.







Protection class:

VC200: 207x74x41 mm,   VC250: 184x74x41 mm

VC200: 335 g,   VC250: 300 g

2.4" Color TFT LCD Display


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